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Memories of 2014.

All throughout 2015, we kept a jar which we filled with sticky notes. Each sticky note had a memory written on it with the date and what happened. Yellow stickies were for January to June, and the blue stickies were for July to December.

It was a really fun project but we wanted to do more so we created this neat little video to remember the project by. We are filling another jar up for 2015 and hope it tops 2014.

Let us take this opportunity to thank you for your support in 2014 and we hope you have a fantastic 2015.

We’ll be creating a lot more content and some exciting projects are in the pipeline so keep checking back on the website or on our social media for news on those!


Feedback for Voicing Views

Voicing Views, the radio debate/discussion show I produced for my dissertation was entered for a Student Radio Award in 2014. Unfortunately, it was not nominated but the judges of the awards always provide feedback for as many entries as they can.

We have now received feedback from the judges for our entry of our second show ‘Voicing Views on Student Finance’. Have a read of the feedback below…

One of the judges wrote:

The issue of student loans and finance is a perennial but that didn’t hamper what was an interesting entry and take on the problems of accessing (and keeping hold) of cash. Chris is a confident and likeable presenter who kept the debate flowing well. The choice of contributors was excellent too. If there was any criticism, it may have been nice to be “out and about” during a section of the programme – but I understand that the show is designed more as studio discussion, similar to a Victoria Derbyshire 5Live style show. On the whole, a great concept which was well delivered.

Whilst another judge commented:

A lot of stations would do a doc/pre-rec so I liked that you’ve tackled this on a live show. Good range of interviewees. Good source of information for concerned students

I’m very happy with this feedback and we can not wait to hopefully produce more editions of the show in 2015!

You can check out the existing 3 episodes over at and don’t forget to follow Voicing Views on social media – just search for ‘Voicing Views’.


Summer to Stardom: Viking FM Tour

I made it through the open auditions and the names of the 42 who were to progress onto the next stage were announced on Sean Goldsmith’s Breakfast show. My name was read out and I was over the moon!

The next stage was to go to Viking FM’s HQ in Hull and have a tour of the building including the office and the studios. I was in a group of 9 and Daytime’s Pete Egerton showed us around and was really nice and welcoming, as was everybody else!

I loved the tour and it immediately felt like home and somewhere in which I would love to work. Steve Jordan was on air at the time so we invaded his studio and watched him do his travel bulletin and the link into the next track.


Just 9 of us out of the 42 who made it through to this stage!

The main part of the trip to Viking was to have a chat with John Harding, the big boss at the station, who would decide whether we would progress through to the Viking FM Presenter Academy. One by one the other 8 people left for their chats with John and then I was left alone in the meeting room with only my thoughts and nerves for company. Eventually it was my turn and went into Studio 3 and sat down and chatted to John and Ant Arthur.

I believe the chat went okay and i think by being myself they will understand what kind of a person I am and what I could bring to the station. We shared a few jokes and the conversation flowed so I’m optimistic about my chances.

The next stage will see only 18 people make it through and those people will find out by listening to the Breakfast show with Sean on Wednesday.

Wish me luck!


Letters to July

A few months ago I was inspired by Emily Diana Ruth, an American YouTuber, to create a self image video after she had shot one of her own.

Fast forward a few months and I’ve found myself being inspired by that very same person again. All throughout July, Emily posted videos on her YouTube channel entitled ‘Letters to July’ and they are stunning. The concept is simple; record what happens during the day and then in the form of a letter, record a voiceover addressing July about your day.

As you can see from the above videos, Emily is fantastic at these videos and her voice mixed with the beautiful shots makes for a stunning set of videos and a unique way to record what happens in your life everyday for a month. There are a few guest appearances through the month which add a new perspective to the concept but still manage to keep the idea alive.

I have well and truly been inspired but I don’t think I can wait until next July to begin so I may have to develop a similar project in the meantime.

You can watch Emily’s videos on YouTube at


Life Changing Moments

Earlier on this month, I graduated from the University of Sunderland. It was an amazing 3 years and I took a few minutes out of celebrating to reflect on my time in Sunderland.

Take a look!



As I mentioned in one of my previous posts (‘Graduating with a 2:1‘), I have now finished my 3 year University course and I am officially a graduate of BA (Hons) Media Production (TV & Radio).

The graduation ceremony took place yesterday and was such an amazing day. It was amazing to be able to spend it with my friends who were also graduating and to have some of my family there too.

It’s still not quite sunk in yet that I am a graduate and that I am now out of education and ready for life in the big wide world. The aim now is to find a job or an internship and see where that takes me.

Graduation is a day I will never forget and is certainly one of the best days of my life.