This post was inspired by my awesome friend Alex Burgess who wrote a blog post about her ‘Autumn To Do List’. Check out that post at and be sure to read her other posts too!

On to my list of things I want to do and see in Autumn!


1. Go to Hull Fair

A staple of Autumn time for me now is to go on a trip or two on an evening to Hull Fair – Europe’s largest travelling funfair. It signals the start of Autumn for me. It has a great range of funfair style rides, white knuckle thrillers and lots of different food stalls. It’s always a really fun evening! I went twice last year but it will just be one visit this year with friends!


2. Start a ‘Good Things / Bad Things’ Log

This one I have already started to do but I wanted to find a way to track how good or bad my days have been and to keep a log so that I can look back at reflect on the positives and negatives. I’ve done a similar thing before with coloured sticky notes in a jar but I wanted to try something different. Basically, you score your day based on how many positives and negatives have happened. For example: I went for a lunchtime walk every day this week at work so that was a positive so I scored a point (1-0). However, my drive into work the other day was shockingly bad and was full of queuing traffic so I conceded a point for that day (1-1). You can add your score up daily or weekly and then colour code based on green for a win, yellow for a draw and red for a loss.


3. Take Some Autumnal Photos

The bronzes, oranges and golds that are the palette of Autumn look really good on camera. I want to venture out during Autumn and take some Autumnal photos that show the season in its full delight. I’ve been guilty so far this year of not taking enough photographs so this is a prime opportunity.


4. Make an Autumn Cheesecake

I’m not much of a baker but I’ve seen a recipe for a Caramel/Toffee Apple Cheesecake that I absolutely love the sound of and will definitely be giving a try one weekend. It sounds and looks absolutely delicious!

The recipe can be found at:


5. Have a Cinnamon Pretzel

Cinnamon pretzels are immense. I’ve only ever had the free samples whenever I’ve visited certain shopping centres but this year I want to actually buy a full one and eat it. Mmmm! Can you tell I’m hungry?


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